Kinecho offers two ways to start capturing your family’s stories:

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Kinecho Interview

Provide us with basic information about your loved one and we will conduct a telephone interview, record and edit it into individual stories, and host a collection of shareable, everlasting audio memories.

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Kinecho Legacy

Send others questions and record your own stories. You’ll have your own private, perpetually-hosted site to share with family and friends.

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Life stories are a legacy. Don’t let it be lost.

  • Record memories with a smartphone or computer

  • Request memories from family and share your own

  • Secure online storage saves memories for future generations


Connect with loved ones across time and distance.

  • Unlimited memory recordings, photos, and stories

  • Unlimited sharing with friends and family


Smart, secure storage keeps your legacy alive for generations

  • Built with the same security as online banking

  • Future-proof memories are backed up in multiple locations and updated to new formats


About Think 360 Arts

Think 360 Arts is on a mission to lead Colorado in cultivating and sustaining the arts as essential to all learning through creative experiences. Their Creative Aging program uses arts to help improve the health and well-being of older adults in assisted living centers across the state.


About Kinecho

Kinecho is a Denver-based organization dedicated to helping families record, share, and preserve their amazing stories. We connect families through storytelling and collaboration on their own beautiful, interactive digital scrapbook of memories that can be enjoyed today and saved for future generations.


About this Partnership

Creativity, reminiscence, and telling one’s own story enhance vitality and well-being for older adults. With your help, we’re delighted to provide financial support that makes Creative Aging programming widely available in our community.


With every purchase, we’ll donate $50 directly to Think 360 Arts Creative Aging programs.