Whose voice will you want to hear one more time?

Hear the songs your mom sang when you were a baby. Find out how Grandpa met Grandma. Rediscover your favorite family stories and learn something new about the people you love.


Kinecho offers two ways to start capturing your family’s stories:


Kinecho Magic Book

Create a beautiful photo book that comes to life through spoken stories you and your friends contribute.

Kinecho Legacy

Send others questions and record your own stories. You’ll have your own private, perpetually-hosted site to share with family and friends.


As Seen In


Kinecho is a Gift for Every Generation


For Yourself.

Discover the story of the person who made you, you. Save a voice you love so you can hear it again forever.

For Your Loved One.

Listening is an act of love. Let your family member know you treasure their wisdom and experiences.

For Future Generations.

Research shows that children who grow up knowing the stories and values of their grandparents are more positive and resilient.