About Kinecho Interview

Imagine your grandma on Ellen. Your mom on Fresh Air. Your dad as an honored guest on your favorite podcast.

Ok, we can’t quite make that happen. But you can give your family the star treatment: an experienced professional will record your loved one’s stories over the phone for free. Pay just $9 per story for the ones you’d like to keep forever.

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How It Works


Before the Interview

Sign up for free. If there are particular stories you’d like us to capture (e.g., exciting childhood stories, family history stories, etc.), let us know and we’ll record them.


The Interview

An experienced personal interviewer works with your loved one to schedule and conduct a phone interview. During this call we’ll record your loved one’s life stories.


Share and Save Forever

We’ll send you a private link to the stories where you and your family can listen for free. Add photos, share with family, download, and more when you pay just $9.


Meet George, A Kinecho Interview Participant

George Lake had quite the life. He was born into a farming family, became a marine, then commercial airline pilot, and now farms the green pastures of central Pennsylvania. He is a caring father of 3, involved grandfather of 4 and loving husband to wife Christy.

George’s son, Aaron, signed his dad up for Kinecho Interview. We had a blast recording George’s stories!

To show you how Kinecho Interview works, George let us share a few of his stories. Listen to the man who ran from a baboon, lost an airplane engine over the Atlantic Ocean, and authored hilarious Halloween scares.

A Few Of George’s Stories

A Collection of Stories We Told Our Kids


Learning Work Ethic on the Farm

Adventures of a Farm Kid Becoming a Marine


A Frightful Walk to the Barn

Contact Us to Get Started


Is it really free to record my loved one’s stories with a professional oral historian?

Yes - it’s totally free! Contact us, and we’ll reach out to learn more about your loved one. Then we’ll interview your loved one. Listen to their stories at no cost for two weeks. If you’d like to preserve the stories forever, just pay $9 for each story.

Is only the first interview free? Can I sign up for more than one interview?

All story recording interviews are free, and yes, if you or your loved one enjoyed the first interview, simply sign up for another interview here.

How long is an interview?

Each interview is approximately 45 minutes. In that time we are usually able to record between 3 and 10 stories.

Can I give Kinecho Interview as a gift?

Yes! Listening to someone is perhaps the greatest give you can give. Signing your loved one up for Kinecho Interview sends a powerful signal that you want to listen to and preserve their life stories.

What types of stories do you record?

When you sign up, you’ll let us know if you have specific stories or topics you would like to have recorded and preserved (e.g., the time grandpa met grandma at the county fair). You may also provide questions that you’d like the interviewer to ask (e.g., “How did you and grandma meet?”). If you don’t have any story ideas, that’s ok, too. We all have amazing stories to tell, and our professional interviewers are experts in surfacing these stories.

Where can I access the recorded stories?

After we record your loved one’s stories, you and your selected family members will receive access to listen to them through the Kinecho website, where they will be safely and privately hosted.

Listen to the stories at no cost, and only pay $9 per story for the ones you’d like to keep forever. Once purchased, you can enjoy the stories on the Kinecho website and download the stories to your computer.

Is this something my parents or grandparents will want to do?

We think so. Why are we so confident? Because telling their stories at their leisure and in their own home will be a fun walk down memory lane.

Ready to get started?