About Kinecho Interview

Everyone wants to feel important and everyone wants to feel heard. Now you can give that gift to a loved one. With Kinecho Interview, a professional interviewer captures their stories conveniently over the phone.

Interview Session for $95

How It Works


Before the Interview

A professional interviewer will contact you to learn more about the stories and memories you want to capture.



We’ll work with your loved one to schedule high-quality phone interviews, and collect treasured stories.


Share and Save Forever

You’ll get a private link to the stories. You can share with friends and family, download individually, and even print in a beautiful hardbound book.


How long is an interview session?

It depends on the storyteller and the session! A typical interview lasts about 30-45 minutes and contains anywhere from 5 to 15 stories. We’ll record and preserve stories, and our professional interviewers will work with your loved one to ensure that stories are told from beginning to end.

Can I buy Kinecho Interview as a gift?

Yes! Listening to someone is perhaps the greatest give you can give. Buying Kinecho Interview for a loved one sends a powerful signal that you want to listen to and preserve their life stories.

What types of stories do you record?

A Kinecho interviewer will reach out to you or your family members to ask if you have specific stories or topics you would like to have recorded and preserved (e.g., the time grandpa met grandma at the county fair). You may also provide questions that you’d like the interviewer to ask (e.g., “How did you and grandma meet?”). We can help with a list of great questions and prompts for you to choose from.

Is Kinecho Interview only for older adults?

Absolutely not. Our professionals are skilled at interviewing anybody* of any age. We need no encouragement to coax delightful stories out of the toddler, teenager, or middle-aged adult in your life.

*We have had trouble creating compelling content with felines.

Where can I access the recorded stories?

After we record your loved one’s stories, you and your selected family members will receive access to them through the Kinecho website, where they will be safely and privately hosted. You may download the stories from the Kinecho website, and you can turn them into a beautiful printed book.

How do I turn the stories into a printed book?

After we record your loved one’s stories, you may pay an additional fee of $49 to have them transcribed, supplemented with family photos, and compiled into a keepsake book.

I’m not sure my grandma will want to do this. That’s not a question, is it?

It’s not, but we understand. First, our professional interviewers are experts at helping anybody feel comfortable. Second, if you find that your loved one really doesn’t want to participate we’re happy to refund your purchase--or you can use it for a different family member’s interview.

What is your refund policy?

Kinecho has a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with Kinecho, contact us at and we'll do our best to help you. We offer a full refund for Kinecho Interview within 90 days of purchase–no questions asked.

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